AMA Annual Awards 2018

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Australian Masters Athletics
Annual Awards 2018


The AMA Awards are announced annually based on nominations from State Masters Athletics Association. TMA’s Statistician has provided detailed evidence of performances throughout 2018 with the Perth National Championships, Malaga World Championships and the Tasmanian State Championships being the pinnacle events for top class results. Based on the information provided, the TMA Committee have made the following nominations:

Sprints/Hurdles:                                                      Gayle Fisher

Middle Distance/Steeplechase:                             Nicole Perry

Distance:                                                                  Michael Davis

Jumps:                                                                     Cathy McKeown

Throws:                                                                    Todd Davey

Multi Events/Relays:                                               Cathy McKeown

Most Outstanding Female Athlete:                        Nicole Perry

Most Outstanding Male Athlete:                            Todd Davey

Most Outstanding Individual Performance:          Todd Davey (Australian Record in M50 Throws Pentathlon)

Congratulations are extended to all of our nominations. Competition for the AMA Awards will be fierce and the winners will be announced at the dinner during the Melbourne National Masters Championships on Saturday evening, 27 April 2019.


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