Round the River Fun Run

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Raine & Horne Eastern Shore 10km, starting at Simmonds Park, Lindisfarne, and following the river under the Tasman Bridge, around Rosny Hill, Bellerive Bluff, and along Bellerive Beach.   Then a short stint over the middle bluff will bring you into Wentworth Park for a short sprint across the grasslands to the finishline.  Starts at 9 am.

Your Health Hub 5km, starts at Kangaroo Bay and follows the second half of the 10km course, starting at 9 am.

Pace Financial Services 2km starts at the Queen Street end of Bellerive Beach.  In this event, prizes are limited to runners aged 12 or under, starting at 8.30 am.

The philosophy of the Masters movement is participation. Come along and enjoy yourself in running, walking, throwing and jumping. While membership is restricted to those over 30, children or grandchildren of members are most welcome to participate with us. Only financial members are eligible for Championships however.