Marathon / Half Marathon Challenge


After 7 years the AMA/TMA Half Marathon Championship has transferred to Canberra and is at 19 August 2018.

For 2018, TMA has introduced a Marathon and Half Marathon Challenge. This is a “postal” type of event where financial members can compete at their preferred event anywhere in the World and submit their result.
Winners will be the athlete with the highest age grade percentage in each event.

Cadbury was the first opportunity for members to have their results listed. We endeavour to identify member’s results from the major marathons and half marathons but the onus is on the member to advise the TMA Secretary Mike Walker of any personal results from the more obscure events.

China Great Wall Marathon Crawling Man

See the link at bottom of this page for latest updated lists.  If your result from any marathon or half marathon is not listed, once again, the onus is on you the member to advise of your result. Results will be collated and awards presented at a TMA function just prior to Christmas 2018.

Email the TMA Secretary at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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TMA Marathon / Half Marathon Challenge Results

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The philosophy of the Masters movement is participation. Come along and enjoy yourself in running, walking, throwing and jumping. While membership is restricted to those over 30, children or grandchildren of members are most welcome to participate with us. Only financial members are eligible for Championships however.